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Precast Concrete Services Precast Concrete Services

Precast Concrete Services

Precast Concrete Sign Bases, Bumpers, Chimney Caps, Culvert Ends



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About JBR Precast Concrete Corporation

About JBR Pre-Cast Concrete

JBR Pre-Cast Concrete, formerly Rev's Precast Concrete Corporation, is a family-owned and operated business which began in 2000. We take great pride in servicing our customers with quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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Precast Concrete Sign Bases

Our Precast Concrete Services

We are a full service precast concrete company located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Our services include precast concrete products such as Curbside Signs and Sign Bases for commercial businesses..

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Precast Concrete Car Stops

Precast Concrete Products

We offer pre-made and customized precast concrete products including precast concrete, sign bases, car stops and bumpers, chimney caps, and culvert system ends.

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Precast Concrete Culvert Systems

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Whether you are a contractor, public works, commercial, business or homeowner, JBR Precast can help with your precast concrete. To request a quote, just click below and complete the online form or call us.

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JBR Precast Concrete, formerly Rev's Precast Concrete Corporation

At JBR Precast Concrete, we understand quality precast concrete products are crucial to the success of many construction projects. During our many years in business, we have created quality precast products that are build to stand the test of time and meet the specifications and requirements for your projects.

With a precise controlled environment, we can ensure there is minimal expansion and contraction to deliver the highest quality concrete products. Our process provides excellent results with proven consistency.

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